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Art Installations, Performers and Artists

The House of Lost and Found Artworks and Artist Biographies

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Enchanted Parks Dedication

This year the Enchanted Parks team and the events industry, along with their friends and family experienced two great losses. The House of Lost and Found is dedicated in loving memory of Greeny and Harvey (Paul Green and Jason Cowan as they were formally known) - two integral members and huge advocates of this event. For those that knew either or both of them, look out for a “lighty up tree” and think of them.  

The Finders Keepers

Peter’s growing family of performers, each one lost in some way, travel from place to place with The House of Lost and Found, turning up overnight and vanishing just as quickly. 

The Finders Keepers are the most beautiful, bizarre and benevolent collection of people you’ll ever meet, each one bewitched by a particular object, their mission to reunite it with its owner. 

You’ll meet many of them on your journey.

About Theatre Space NE 

Theatre Space NE, led by Founder & Artistic Director Corinne Kilvington, is a specialist in site responsive, promenade theatre, based in Sunderland.  Their work has been focused on outdoor spaces across the North East, where they have created work such as the 'Plays in the Park' season, Grafters Cables and 15 minutes of Fame (for the Sunderland 2021 launch), as well as creating characters for Enchanted Parks and Sunderland Illuminations along with hundreds of outdoor events.  All done with a developing appetite for creating fully immersive theatrical experiences. Since 2012, Theatre Space NE has developed a reputation, evidenced in critical reviews as well as audience response, for bringing high quality, accessible mid-scale theatre to non-traditional spaces.

The Lost and Found Tree
Dave Young

The House of Lost and Found takes on the quirks and foibles of each place it turns up, and here in Saltwell Park a welcome from Peter Chevalier himself is staged via a grand and magical Lost and Found Tree.

With music and sound design by Roma Yagnik.

About Dave Young

Since 1995 Dave Young has been gently tweaking the knobs of reality, trans-muting found, used, discarded and recycled materials into strange and unexpected new forms. He has worked as a sculptor, animator and film-maker, junk alchemist, blacksmith, metalworker, pyro-technician, set-builder, puppeteer and workshop leader. Discover more at

The Ephemeral Host
Roma Yagnik

Listen carefully throughout your journey and you’ll hear whispers of Peter on the breeze along with a musical theme for our ephemeral host as he follows the cryptic clues through Saltwell Park. 

About Roma Yagnik

Based in the UK and working internationally, Roma Yagnik is a composer of music for film, animation, television, theatre, dance and large-scale outdoor events. Recent work includes Great North Star (closing ceremony of Great Exhibition of the North), Beautiful Thing (Greenwich + Docklands International Festival), Freedom on the Tyne, Rattle Snake (Open Clasp Theatre Company) and Metroland (Benjamin Bee and Candle & Bell). Roma is a member of WFTV, BAFTA Crew and Free the bid. 

Precious and Found
Helen Yates, Burning Light Arts

Hanging in the branches of the Cherry Tree Walk are a series of birdcages, but with no birds to be found they play host to a fascinating array of curiosities, each with a story to tell. Each cage holds an object, each object holds an owner’s story.

About Helen Yates

Helen Yates is a freelance artist, educator and project manager with a base studio in Lancashire, set on the River Wyre. She works throughout the North West of England using her background in participatory and public arts, education and arts development to help others bring the arts to life in their area.

The Key to Her Heart
Albat Ross, University of Sunderland Student Commission

Along a pathway, coloured light emanates from a series of Victorian style drains. Each one holding a lost glass key belonging to the hearts of the women that played for Peter’s heart, only to be cast aside as he continued his search for his long-lost love. 

About Albat Ross

Albat is currently studying in his second year on the BA Glass and Ceramics course at the University of Sunderland. During his time studying, Albat has experimented with both glass and ceramic materials in the form of kiln glass, hot glass, architectural glass and both hand-built and thrown ceramics. Albat looks to explore and blur the boundaries between these techniques and transferring skills between the disciplines. Coming from a background in literature and creative writing, Albat often seek to employ literary themes in his work. At the core of his practice lies an appreciation for curious objects of craftsmanship and the personalities these objects may possess.

The Little Legionnaires of Lost and Found
Studio McGuire

Have you ever had a fleeting idea in the waking hours that somehow disappeared when you woke the next morning? Chances are it was caught and kept by The Little Legionaries.

These tiny Finders Keepers are pocket sized people who live between the cracks of daily life. Their mission: to ward off marauding magpies and painstakingly seek and retrieve your lost items to be returned when the time is right.

Keep your eyes peeled for several of their sorting offices as you journey through The House of Lost and Found.

About Studio McGuire

"What follows makes the jaw drop and the head whirl." (The Times)

Bold and innovative, Davy and Kristin’s work combines mesmerising theatricality with technical wizardry and exquisite craftsmanship. Orchestrating elaborate and exquisite scenes out of anything from paper and wood to glass and fabric, the breadth of their work is limited only by their imaginations.

Studio McGuire  is renowned for projection mapping installations which have been exhibited, sold, published and screened internationally and their critically acclaimed theatrical projects have been invited to tour to more than 60 different countries over 4 continents. Drawing on Davy’s background in theatre and Kristin’s training as a dancer, the couple have an eclectic, award winning portfolio.

Lost for Words
Amy Lord

A series of cryptic clues - a sentence, a phrase, a question - hanging brightly overhead throughout The House of Lost and Found. Follow the clues and help to find the thing that Peter has lost.

About Amy Lord

Amy Lord is an artist from Northumberland, currently living in London. She makes multi-layered encounters and experiences; mixing installation, media forms and craft.

She is currently interested in different forms of arts activism, text-based work and using YouTube to learn new making tricks.

Amy has presented work at SPILL National Review of Live Art, DeptfordX, BAC, Forest Fringe, The Basement Brighton, CPT, The Bluecoat, Barbican Plymouth, Shoreditch Town Hall, Whitstable Biennale Satellite, The Late Shows and on the streets of Manhattan via Art in Odd Places.

The Shadow Collector

Our shadow collecting device will capture your shadow so you always know where to find it. Strike a pose in front of the shadow screen and with a flash of light your shadow is caught. Step away and watch the Shadow Collector bring your shadow to life with phosphorescent colour. Make your mark on our luminescent graffiti boards or create your own magic with the captivating plasma balls.

The Shadow Collector is a presentation of Eido’s popular interactive installation, Phosphène.

About Eido

Established in the Greater Toulouse area, Eido, founded in 2007, is a company dedicated to pyrotechnics and live entertainment. Its main purpose is the production and distribution of shows, including pyrotechnics. As a cultural operator, Eido tends to develop and develop experimental concepts, original and unpublished. Its creations are based on technical mastery at the service of bold ideas.

Fabien Coulombier, production manager, has been involved in events since 1994, alongside major street theatre companies (Ets.Katertone, Le Phun) and, until 2006, as production director for Les Commandos Percu, specialising in pyrotechnic performance. 

With fifteen years of experience, Eido benefits from a network of designers, builders, technical service providers, artists and organizers, met around the world. 

Its conception of work values ​​the synergies between structures and individuals so that Eido positions itself as a coordinator and producer of original and often unpublished creations.

Rosie Power, University of Sunderland Student Commission

A giant kaleidoscope mesmerises audiences and reminds them of childhood toys.

About Rosie Power

Rosie is currently a second-year student on the BA Glass and Ceramics course at University of Sunderland. Before joining the course Rosie worked and studied for four years as a traditional boat restorer, working with wood, fibreglass, metal and epoxy resins. She then went on to work as a pottery assistant, mixing glazes, preparation of clay and mould making. The skills Rosie gained in both of these roles allow her to experiment further with glass and ceramics, creating work that uses a multitude of materials.

Colour Curiosity
Megan Fell (Light Up the North Network SHINE Commission)

Two sets of drawers sit within the foliage of the park, emitting coloured light from individual drawers. Open each one and the drawers come to life through sound and light.

Colour Curiosity is part of the SHINE programme, which supports emergind artists and is delivered in partnership with Light Up The North network.

About Megan Fell

Megan’s practice is based in Light/Installation Art, within which she has created pieces motivated by colour and particularly how it affects emotions and moods. Megan has created a number of interactive light and sound exhibitions including Colour House, which was presented within a house and most recently, she recreated the Northern Lights using coding and reflecting light onto material. Megan produces work that is interactive, to allow the audience to be mesmerised and to invoke curiosity.

Merry Glow Round
And Now:

This garden of flickering flames is a feast for all the senses! A beautiful fire garden presents the audience with a spectacle of glowing flames. A series of revolving carousels tell shadow stories of things lost and found, whilst an intriguing character invites guests to add to his growing collection of lost luggage tags describing the things they’ve lost or found.

About And Now:

And Now: was formed in 2013 to consolidate decades of working together by Ben Rigby and Mandy Dike.

Mandy has been an artist, designer, maker, pyrotechnician, deviser, collaborator and creative director for over 30 years. Composing site-specific, event-specific and touring performance, mixing technique and art forms to create an aesthetic that works outside and in. Conjuring up beautiful, purposeful, fleeting experiences to inspire optimism and hope.

She was co-founder, Principal Designer and an associate director of The World Famous Fireworkers and has worked extensively with a number of other leading UK arts companies, significantly: Welfare State International, Walk the Plank, Theatre of Fire, Ludus Dance,

Ben has technically designed and made for performance and installation for over 20 years. Exploring systematic design and fabrication methods inspired by pattern and proportion.

AndNow: make accessible work for people of all ages, gender, ability and ethnicity. Central to our work is fire, present and important in all cultures, it is symbolically strong; connecting with our primal beings, it inspires focusses and quickens the minds. The energy of fire engages with emotions, passion, transformation, purification, contemplation, ceremony, wildness and beauty.

The Garden of Lost and Found Voices

Gathered around fires, floating between trees, a flock of voices inhabit an area of the park. Wander through this chorus of speakers, each one giving a voice to the words of people who have found their voice or who are fighting to defend their right to speak.

Ever lost your voice because you weren’t brave enough to say what you thought? Or is there a time where you were brave enough and found your voice or spoke up for someone else? If you feel inspired, look out for a Voice Collector appearing on the night, ready to add your voice to The Garden of Lost and Found Voices.

The Garden of Lost and Found Voices is an adaptation of Aswarm’s The Speakers and uses locally gathered content, including content gathered during the event run.

With thanks to participants of Gateshead’s Art Diamonds whose voices feature as part of this installation. Art Diamonds is a new arts project for retired people in Gateshead. To find out more or to get involved please email Rachel Horton.

About Aswarm

Aswarm is an award-winning creative entity bent on intervening into public spaces and transforming sites into symphonies to walk within. 

Led by artist & sound designer Thor McIntyre-Burnie who has worked internationally for over 20 years, largely in site-specific and public spaces.

Thor & Aswarm have been carving a niche in immersive installations that use sound, light and sculptural form to explore our world a new.

Lullaby of Lost Teeth
Georgia Robinson, University of Sunderland Student Commission

A lone baby’s cot set back from the path. Peer into the cot and you’ll find a pile of giant baby teeth! Could this be the Tooth Fairy’s collection? Or maybe they’re the teeth that never made their way to the Tooth Fairy, ending up here instead. Is this how big baby teeth are to a tiny Tooth Fairy?

About Georgia Robinson

Georgia is currently for a studying BA(Hons) in Glass and Ceramics at the University of Sunderland. Georgia has explored both materials through hot glass, kiln glass, architectural, throwing and slab building. She has been involved in art-based subjects since school, from fine art, graphic design and now Glass and Ceramics. Georgia is an inspiring artist dedicated to making a name for herself, whilst constantly developing and improving her practice. Through Georgia’s studies she has developed skills working with new and different materials, especially in hot glass and slip casting.

Studio Vertigo

It would appear that The House of Lost and Found has travelled much further than previously thought, as somehow, quite incredibly, a bright and beautiful star sits here on the Octagon Lawn. This star, though stunning, has been dormant for many years, but what if it reignites whilst in Gateshead? What great spectacle might unfold?

About Studio Vertigo

You can't always trust what you see. Occasionally something may catch your eye and for a moment there are more questions than answers.

We are fascinated by this.

Studio Vertigo create objects that attempt to contradict and obscure our sense of what is real. We like to think that moment of questioning opens up a space of possibility. A space that has the potential to be transformative: connecting objects, viewers and space together in that moment.

Studio Vertigo is a collaboration between Stephen Newby and Lucy McDonnell, working internationally to create light installations and sculpture.

Their work has been was commissioned for a number of national and international events including Amsterdam Light Festival, Norrköping Light festival Sweden, Winterlight Netherlands, Winterlights Canary Wharf, Blenheim Palace, Kew Gardens, Henley Festival, Festival No 6 and Enchanted Parks in Gateshead.

Smoke and Mirrors
Molly Barett

The sphinx illusionist coined the phrase, “It’s all done with smoke and mirrors.” Catch a glimpse of Peter, seemingly floating down the pathway through a series of mirrors. He moves in curious ways across the reflective surfaces, through the candlelit haze, and then gone! Things can come and go in this place… Will Peter find what he was looking for?

About Molly Barrett

Molly Barrett is a designer/maker based in Newcastle. After Studying Theatre Design at University in 2007 she has continued to work in theatre as well as public art events.

Smoke and Mirrors will be the fourth installation Molly has created for Enchanted Parks, previous installations include A Sirens Song and Medusa. Molly has also created work for SO festival, Sunderland, Newcastle and Norwich City Councils as well as Alphabetti Theatre, Northern Stage, Live Theatre and Norwich Puppet Theatre. Molly creates work that tells a story in imaginative and creative ways, often including fire, sound and mechanical movement. For this project, Molly has been supported by furniture maker and father, John Barrett. Sound design by Matthew Tuckey.

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