RECAP: Tourism Experience of the Year award

20th August 2015

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Award: Tourism Experience of the Year Award

Winner: The Cycle Hub 

‘It’s all about the bike!’

Listen up all bike lovers! Here’s a perfect place that will cherish and share your passion for those two wheels.

Cycle Hub is a social enterprise situated on iconic Newcastle Quayside that promotes and facilitates cycling. They aim to be a welcome home for people cycling in the North East, complete with bike hire, a café and a repair workshop.

Their bike hire facilities offer both long and short term hires for visitors to the area, along with locals that fancy exploring on two wheels. It also has a busy café, which is an ideal coffee spot for anyone, and has become an increasingly popular stop off for those doing the Coast to Coast route.

Although cycling can be seen as mass-participation popular sport, Cycle Hub makes it special in a way no other business does. It combines hire, workshop, retail services and café, making it appealing to a wider audience of cyclists and non-cyclists. 

In recognition of its excellence they struck gold in the region’s annual Tourism Awards last year, winning Tourism Experience of The Year Award.

To find out how they felt about the overall experience we asked them a few questions.

Why did you enter the North East Tourism Awards 2014?

As a young business we thought the North East Tourism Awards would be a great way to promote our business and to reach a wider audience; to show that tourism experiences come in all different forms and in our case on two wheels!

What did it feel like to win?

It was a real privilege to enter the awards and be alongside other exceptional North East tourist attractions. Furthermore, it allowed us to introduce The Cycle Hub to the whole region and to show off all our hard work, which has gone into making the business a success.

What impact has it had on your business?

The most obvious benefit was of course to win the Gold award. Being a small business the awards provided a boost for the whole team and gave us motivation to continue providing an excellent experience for all our visitors.

In your opinion, how important are the North East Tourism Awards?

The Tourism Awards are extremely important as they help promote the thriving tourism industry in the region and promote the businesses that contribute to this industry.  And for individual businesses, the Awards can really help put you on the tourist trail.

Why do you think other businesses should apply?

The awards ceremony is a great way to celebrate the successes of your business and an excellent opportunity to meet other entrants; we made several productive connections with different local businesses through attending the awards ceremony. The Tourism Awards can definitely broaden a business’s horizons and if you win a Gold award, as we did, The Visit England Awards introduce your business to a national audience.

Will you be entering this year?

Yes we have every intention of entering the awards again and trying our luck to win. After all, the awards ceremony is a great night out and an excellent chance to shout about how great your business is and to celebrate the successes of North East Tourism!

 By Karolina Osmak


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