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We know that the best trips live on in the memories that stay with you. That’s why Iles Tours doesn’t do ordinary walking tours. Instead, we take you on a journey into the fascinating stories that have shaped England’s unique history, people and culture for over 2,000 years – and are still unfolding today. You’ll have fun, learn new things and come away with a great story to tell.


With walking tours across Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland and Tyneside, we’ll show you North East England as you’ve never seen it before.


From one-hour walks to full-day trips, each one of our guided walking tours offers an experience to remember. Here are some you might like:

Newcastle History Tour - Trace the story of Newcastle from its Roman roots to the present day. A popular tour and the perfect introduction to this historic city.

Durham Half-Day Tour - Soak in the atmosphere of Durham’s famous medieval city, including its cathedral, ancient treasures and familiar locations from blockbuster movies.

Newcastle Half-Day Tour - Experience a thousand years of history inside Newcastle’s cathedral and castle. Discover the city’s inventions and people that have changed the world.

Newcastle Roman Fort Tour - Discover how soldiers lived on the frontier of the Roman Empire with a visit to the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall and its ancient Roman fort.

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