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61side UpSide Down Presents | Coffee on the Side


Upside Down Presents is a Gift, Card & Souvenir shop located at 61 Side, just up from the Tyne Bridge and located under a magnificent railway arch at the bottom of Dean Street.... and now serving hot drinks! 

The constantly refreshing vast array of gifts and presents make it a must stop for all occasions, it’s a haven for both visiting tourists and locals alike. The Christmas window display hangs a now infamous upside down Christmas tree with beautiful decorations. The Geordie gifts and card range are particularly popular, having a card say Mam instead of Mom and Mum for example, and of course lots of 'Whey Aye'!

The shop isn't just a tourist hotspot, with greeting cards from acclaimed designers (not all Geordie), quirky small keepsakes and original gifts for all occasions, 61 Side is a little spot worth visiting all year round. At less than 200 square foot, it's probably the smallest shop in the North East, perhaps even the UK - however it's always stocked up to the hilt, and it's charm and great location has helped the shop trade for over 3 years, it's open 7 days per week and now sells online. The history of this shop on the architecturally stunning street named simply 'Side' spans over a century, long may it's legacy continue to champion the great North East.

Coffee On The Side: Grab a quality cuppa on your way into Newcastle from the Quayside. Upside Down Presents now serve a choice of hot drinks including great quality coffee from the bean to the cup, Northumberland tea, green tea and decaf options and some cold drinks, snacks and breakfast bars.

Loyalty is nicely rewarded with various promotions and offers too.


Opening Times

UpSide Down Presents (1 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2020)


Souvenirs Upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne

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