Random Selection programmers

Are you aged 16-25, passionate about Film or just enjoy a good movie?

Random Acts and Juice Festival are embarking on a cinematic journey that you can be a part of. We are looking for individuals that have a passion and love of cinema to review and help programme an evening of alternative film awards!

No matter what your level of experience with film or filmmaking we want to hear from you. Whether you’re into art-house film or the next blockbuster we want you to help us choose and programme short films made by young filmmakers from all over the UK.

What is Random Selection?

‘Random Selection’ event will take place at the Tyneside Cinema’s Pop Up Film School on Friday, 20 October 7.30pm as part of Juice Festival. The event will be a celebration of short films made by young people as part of the Random Acts initiative. At the heart of this event is a celebration of the talent and films of young artists, giving them the appreciation and attention that they deserve.

What you’ll be doing

As part of the programming group you will get the chance to select your favourite Random Acts films, create a unique event for other young people and even create your own awards category!

There will be opportunities for:
• Learning how to programme and curate a film event.
• Developing your film reviewing and critical skills.
• Event organisation.
• Public speaking.
• Working with filmmakers and film programmers.
• Network with other creative people.

There will be multiple meetings in the run up to the event in October. These meetings will be to select the films, programme the event and work within a small team to decide on the production of the event itself.

How to sign up

Fill in the application form found here.

Applications close on the 29 September, however we encourage you to apply early as places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis!

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