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Raising money for charity is a large part of the Great North Run and has been for many years; each year thousands of pounds are raised due to runners choosing to complete the race on behalf of their favourite charity.

Although entries through the general ballot for the Great North Run are now closed, you can still participate in the half marathon should you choose to run on behalf of a charity.

Each year there are many amazing charities who get involved – and are often repeat participants – which you can choose from in order to complete the race.  There are hundreds of charities available and you can easily search via category to help you find the ideal charity for you.

Click here to view the full list of charities.

However, if you would like to participate on behalf of a charity which is not listed as a current partner, then we suggest that you get in touch with them directly and ask them if you would be interested in sponsoring you. The charity will have to apply for a prospectus and will need to get in touch with the Charity Co-ordinator at the Great Run team.

What to expect when running for a charity during the Great North Run

If you’re running the Great North Run on behalf of a charity then there are a couple of things you should consider beforehand:-

Registration Fee

In order to be eligible to run on behalf of a charity, you may have to pay a registration fee. Although this will vary depending on the charity you are running for, the fee is usually between £40 - £55. We recommend you check the charities website for Great North Run information or contact them directly for more info.

Fundraising Target

When applying for charity sponsorship, you are informed of the charities minimum pledge or fundraising target. Again, this differs between each charity but is usually between £300 - £450. Once accepted and you’re application has been processed, the charity will usually provide you with an abundance of information and ideas for fundraising.

Runners Packs and Trackers

When running for a charity you will often receive a branded vest or t-shirt in the charities colours and logo, this will help people identify you as you pass the cheering groups as well as to show your support.

The charity will also be responsible for providing you with your race tracker and zone colours as well; if you’re running on behalf of a charity and have questions on this, we suggest you get in touch with them directly.

Other benefits of running for a charity during the Great North Run

Running for charity is an exciting and rewarding experience and many go through all of the stops to make your half marathon memorable. Here is a brief list of some of the benefits you may receive from your chosen charity to help you prepare and complete the Great North Run:-

  • Running vest designed for sports
  • Training t-shirt prior to the run
  • Iron-on letters to personalise your running vest
  • Fundraising pack including everything you needs for effective fundraising
  • Goodies for your friends and family to help cheer you on with
  • Reception parties are often organised for sponsored runners
  • Complimentary food and beverages
  • Training guides and running tips

Great North Run Charities 2019

Below is a brief list of 10 different charities participating in the Great North Run 2019. An exhaustive list of charities can be found at the Great Run website.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research is entirely funded by the generosity of supporters which means that every penny and ever pound counts! Join forces with Cancer Research and help to fight over 200 different kinds of cancer. One in two people now survive cancer but Cancer Research are determined to beat it completely.

British Heart Foundation

By securing a British Heart Foundation charity place, you will be helping to raise money to help fight back against coronary heart disease. As one of the biggest killers in the UK, the British Heart Foundation are adamant to help transform the lives of those living with heart and circulatory conditions but they cannot do it without your support. Join with the British Heart Foundation and help keep more hearts beating.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Those who have or know someone who has cancer will understand that fighting it is one of the toughest experience anyone can endure. Macmillan Cancer Support is made up of trained nurses, therapists and carers who physically look after those living with cancer, advisors who ensure you understand what benefits you’re entitled too and volunteers who assist with anything and everything you may need help with. Be part of the team and support families around the UK living with cancer.


Mind is a mental health charity dedicated to supporting those who are suffering with a mental health problem. No one should have to suffer with a mental health condition alone which is why Mind make sure they’re available whether you’re stressed, depressed or in a crisis. Join the Mind team and help to make sure that no one has to suffer in silence.

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

By taking on The Great North Run on behalf of the NSPCC you will be helping to change the lives of children across the UK. Child abuse can be prevented and each child should be able to enjoy the childhood that they deserve. By running on behalf of the NSPCC, you will be helping the charity keep children safe from abuse and allowing them to be children. Every penny and ever pound will be used to prevent abuse from happening and also to rebuild the lives of children who have been abused.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish Foundation helps to alleviate the daily stress and strains of children and families living and fighting life-threatening illnesses by providing them with an escape. By supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation during The Great North Run, you will be allowing the charity to grant more and more wishes and improving the lives of thousands of children and young people. Join the Run for Wishes Team and make someone’s wish come true.

Marie Curie

By supporting Marie Curie during the Great North Run 2017 you will be helping people who are living with terminal illnesses. Marie Curie nurses work night and day to provide hands-on care and emotional support to those who are living with terminal illnesses and require around-the-clock care. Help Marie Curie make a difference to someone’s life by opting to support their appeal.


Be part of the generation to end extreme world poverty by running the Great North Run on behalf of Oxfam. In just 15 years extreme poverty has been halved and with more investment, it could very soon be ended. Oxfam ensure that everywhere around the world people have enough food and safe water to lay the foundation to build a better life.

Save the Children

Save the Children operate in 120 countries worldwide, fighting for children’s rights, providing them with support to build a better life and in many cases, saving their lives. By taking part in The Great North Run on behalf of Save the Children you could contribute to saving millions of lives around the world to make sure that no child is born to die.


Since 1824 the RSPCA has been maintaining animal welfare across England and Wales and is officially the oldest welfare charity around. By supporting the RSPCA, your sponsorship money will ensure that all animals can live free from pain and suffering and those that deliberately harm animals will never be able to do it again. Help rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals by supporting the RSPCA.

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