Get on yer bikes and explore even more of Newcastle and Gateshead with the wind in your hair. Don’t have your own bike? Never fear – hop on a Mobike! Since arriving on the scene in 2017, Mobikes have become a popular way to get around Newcastle and Gateshead. Whether you are looking to nip into town to do some shopping in the city centre, fancy going on a culture crawl through Ouseburn or want to pedal the length of the Quayside, simply grab the nearest Mobike and get on your way.

The compact orange bikes have become a familiar sight parked up around the city. Quick and easy to use, cheap as chips and environmentally friendly, using a Mobike couldn’t be easier.

You’ll find these city bikes at handy locations across the Toon and now have expanded into the surrounding areas too, making the Newcastle Mobike a really efficient way of getting about as well as giving you a chance to sight-see as you go.

Perfect for short journeys and a brilliant, green alternative to jumping in the car. They are ideal for getting around whether for fun or to nip between the office and a meeting.

Mobike in Newcastle image by Gilly, Berlin source Flickr

What are mobikes?

Mobikes are the perfect way to sight-see as you explore Newcastle and Gateshead, nip into the city centre or get active. These nifty, lightweight city bikes are fitted with GPS trackers and rather helpfully, feature non-puncture, airless tyres to make them stress free for any novice cyclers out there. To make life eaiery so you can crack on with exploring Newcastle and Gateshead, the bicycles also come with built-in locks and a cashless smartphone app so you won’t need to worry about carrying loose change or heavy padlocks – simply hop on your rented bike and off you go!

Mobikes come with a handy front basket so you can pop your shopping or sandwiches in while you pedal. All you need to bring along with you to access a Mobike is your smart phone and – safety first – your helmet! The Mobike is a brilliant, environmentally friendly way to navigate Newcastle and Gateshead and a fun alternative way to get around for a pub crawl, so factor the rental bikes in when you plan your visit to Newcastle and Gateshead.

Cycling in Ouseburn Newcastle

How do mobikes work?

If you’ve spied people whizzing by in a flash of orange and wondered how you can hop on a bike then you’ll be pleased to hear it’s quick and easy to rent a Mobike.

Download the Mobike App

Before you start, make sure you have downloaded the app – it’s best to do this ahead of time so you’re ready to go. Search Mobike on the App Store or in Google Play Store for Android users to access this free app. Mobikes are unlocked using the app and it is also how you pay for the bike hire. You will find a helpful map on the app which locates Mobikes across the city so will show you were your nearest bike can be found. Simply reserve the closest bike to where you are and use the app to unlock it by scanning the QR code on the frame of the bike with your smartphone, then you’re ready to roll. Mobikes can be reserved for up to 15minutes before you unlock them.

Top up your wallet to pay for your journey via the app

Riders will be charged 50p for 30 minutes, after paying an initial one-time deposit of £15 (the deposit is subject to change from October 2018). Charges work on a pay-as-you-go model so make sure to top up your app wallet with enough money to cover your intended journey. You don’t want to be stuck halfway up Dean Street when your money runs out!

Locking up

Once you’ve enjoyed pedalling along the picturesque Quayside and have explored the many museums and attractions in the city, just hop off your bike and lock it up using a button that’s placed on the bike. It’s as simple as that. Hop on and off. Lock and unlock. Simple, easy and efficient.

There are many specific parking areas for Mobikes throughout Newcastle, Gateshead and the surrounding suburbs and best parking practice is to leave your bike in one of these designated zones.

If you’re struggling to lock or unlock your Mobike, need tips on parking etiquette or want to know more about how to reserve your city bike, there are some handy tips and answers to all your questions in Mobike’s FAQs.

Cycling along NewcastleGateshead Quayside

Finding your nearest mobike

You can’t fail to see Mobikes throughout Newcastle and now you can find them parked up in Gateshead too. You’ll spot the bikes across Newcastle from the city centre to the popular suburbs of Heaton, Fenham and Jesmond. Designated Mobike areas encompass Arthurs Hill, Chillingham Road, Jesmond Dene Road, right along Newcastle Quayside and, of course, the city centre with increasing numbers popping up all the time across Gateshead.

As long as the bikes are kept within this boundary, they can be parked and picked up anywhere making them super accessible and very efficient. Whether you want to whizz the length of Chillingham Road in Heaton to try out all the fabulous cafes on offer or fancy a scenic cycle ride through the stunning Jesmond Dene, the beauty of a Mobike is that there are so many around and you’re never too far from one! It’s worth pointing out that if a Mobike leaves the designated area, the GPS tracker will alert officials who will then execute a penalty system so do make sure to leave your bike in a designated zone once you’re finished exploring.

What are you waiting for? Ditch the car, get active and start exploring on a Mobike.




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