EAT! NewcastleGateshead is just around the corner so we thought we’d give you a little taste of what you can expect to see and learn from all our great events…

1. Naked Fests

Naked Feasts is a celebration of sharing food and enjoying the culinary genius of new, talented chefs.

You may well know that one of these events takes place on the roof top of Newcastle’s most famous department store, Fenwick, but what you don’t know is one of these events will feature a 10 foot long pavlova!

2. Sideways Drink-Along-Movie

Sideways has been described as like The Hangover with wine, a brilliant and hilarious road movie including 6 wines (and tasting notes) matched scene by scene by Carruthers & Kent.

And this how much impact the film had to the wine industry; following the release of Sideways, US and UK sales of Pinot Noir leapt 20% and sales of Merlot dropped due to the now famous line "If anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving."

3. Speakeasy & Salon

If film is not your thing - than how about a cocktail mixing class? Speakeasy & Salon will give you the chance to create wonderful and exciting cocktails, learning the tricks and mastery of mixology.

But did you know – a well known brand of vodka is a by-product of the British petrochemical industry? We’ll not tell you which one just yet…

4. DK2

DK2 is the celebration and culmination of food and science, where our team of brainy scientists and food fanatics join forces, non pun intended, to shed light on the mysteries of some of our favourite grub.

Here’s a sneak peak for you:

When beetroot touches your tongue it creates a chemical that promotes a healthy brain!

5. Jiro dreams of Sushi

Jiro dreams of Sushi is the award winning and charming tale of a Japanese sushi master – this year we have invited you to come along to watch it with us while indulging in some fine sushi from the chefs of St Sushi.

One thing you may not know about sushi is that in Japan, unlike the UK, wasabi is never served with the finest sushi as it masks the taste of the fish.

6. EAT! Street

EAT! Street is a celebration of street food with choices from the entire world including Bangkok, Delhi, Naples, Rio and Brick Lane.

In fact there are 78 dishes on this year’s menu!

7. SuperRaw Feast pop-up restaurant at EAT! Street

If you want a more classic, sit-down meal before you head into the Boiler Shop Steamer then our pop up restaurants are ideal for you.

If you love raw food or are just curious to the taste and textures of professionally prepared raw cuisine then SuperRaw Feast is your chance.

And here’s a little fact you might not know – food cooked at 42c is still considered raw, since proteins only change once heated above this temperature.

8. Tampopo

Once described as a ‘noodle western’, Tampopo is a funny and satirical look at Japanese food ‘rules’ and the search for the perfect ramen recipe.

Here is the fascinating fact – Tampopo is actually Japanese for Dandelion!

9. British Science Festival Launch at the Big EAT! Weekend

To kick off its seventh visit, come and find out what it was like to live in Newcastle when theBritish Science Festival first came here in 1838, then imagine how it might have changed next time round - perhaps in 2038?

To get you in the mood here is a little scientific food fact:

100 grams of caterpillars contains all of our daily iron and zinc needs…mmm

10. St. Nicholas Medieval Banquet

Join us for a candlelit medieval banquet taking place in the Nave of St. Nicholas Cathedral, with music and drinks all included in the price.

On this night you may be eating like a King, or Queen, but in medieval times the rich would eat from plates made of bread - once they had finished the bread was then given to the poor.




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